There is no greater feeling than stepping out of a hot shower and wrapping yourself in a thick, fluffy bath towel. However, there’s no worse feeling than getting back to the beach and dealing with a sopping wet, super heavy towel that gets sand all over the place. Bath towels are specially designed for use in the home - not the great outdoors. To avoid bulky, damp, sandy messes in your bag, car, and home, you need a special beach towel. 


Bringing a bath towel to the beach is like hauling your mattress to a camping trip. It’s inconvenient, oversized, and vulnerable to messes and damage. As you will see below, a good beach towel has many features that make it adaptable to travel, outdoor adventure, and even indoor exercise. We have designed a collection of best-rated beach towels that meet all your water activity needs. 

If you’re worried about compromising on style, size, or comfort - don’t be! In our beach towel reviews, you will see that our collection is practical and unique without making any sacrifices. 

Once you read this, you’ll never take your bath towels to the beach again. 

Here are 5 key differences between a beach towel and bath towel. 

1. They are Made with Microfibre Instead of Cotton

Microfibre is a fine, synthetic material that has revolutionised many home, cleaning, and apparel products thanks to its amazing qualities. Microfiber is finer than silk, but ultra-durable. It naturally wicks away moisture and dries incredibly fast, meaning it is far less likely than cotton to get that musty smell of mildew. 

Cotton has its own advantages in terms of plushness and absorbance, but these are only beneficial in the home. At the beach, a cotton towel will absorb a ton of water and sand. As you know, it doesn’t matter how hard you shake that bad boy; it will still be damp and dirty when you arrive home. 

Plus, traditional cotton bath towels aren’t nearly as cute as this microfiber baddie.

2. They are Absorbent & Quick Drying

Our thin quick drying microfibre beach towels are a lifesaver for beach bums. They are fast dry towels, and they stay dry. The absorbent beach towels dry you off super fast, and then they dry themselves quickly. Our collection is specially designed for times when you do not have access to your drying machine, or you need to pack everything up in a bag at the end of the day. The last thing you need at the end of a day on the beach or during a backpacking trip is a heavy, damp towel in your bag making all your belongings musty. 

By the time you’re ready for a second dip in the ocean, this quick dry striped beach towel will be dry and ready for round two. 

3. They are Sand Free

If you’ve ever been to a sandy beach, you know exactly what it’s like to get home and find sand in your bag, your bathing suit, your towel, in-between your toes - everywhere. Cotton bath towels notoriously trap tons of sand and carry it home with you, adding to the mess and filling your washing machine with sand. 
The best sandless beach towel is a microfibre one. Our non-stick, sand free beach towels are the best oceanside sidekick because they will leave the sand where they found it. 

Sand is like glitter. It gets everywhere. That’s why the best towels for sand are actually sand resistant beach towels. No other material will guarantee the same effect, while also being quick dry and durable.  

This top rated no-sand beach towel is the perfect sun-bathing companion.

4. They are Compact & Lightweight for Travel 

When packing for a day at the beach, a tropical vacay, or a backpacking trip, space is limited. Your bag is already weighed down by the essentials, and you already had to sacrifice your favourite jean shorts to make room for your polaroid camera. Their size and thickness make cotton bath towels a luxury at home, but a serious pain anywhere else. 

The founders of BohoGene have designed their collections based on their experiences travelling, so they know better than anyone how important it is to have a light and super thin beach towel for travel. They designed a packable, large travel towel that doesn’t compromise on size and even comes with a travel pouch. 
Even if you’re going on a local beach trip in the summer, you want a lightweight and compact beach towel to save room for sunscreen, snacks, and that steamy romance novel (we don’t judge).

5. They are Multifunctional for the Gym, Pool, Camping, and More. 

We saved the best for last. Our collection is designed to be multifunctional, so you’re not buying a special beach towel for that one trip to Mexico and then shoving it in the closet until next February. What makes our towels great for the beach and travel also makes them great for other local and year-round activities. 

These are the best quick dry towels for swimming, which means they are also the best microfibre pool towels and the best quick dry boat towels. 

If you’re going on a camping trip, you’ll need a microfiber camping towel for the water activities and bathing. The quick dry camping towel will stay clean and dry for the whole weekend. 

If you go to the gym or yoga studio, you might not be comfortable using their gym towels, and you’ll know that bringing your own takes up a ton of space and makes your whole gym bag soggy. Athletes can benefit hugely from having a quick dry sports towel. 

Add a splash of colour to your camping trip, hot yoga class, or laps at the pool. 


You live an awesome life; you need an awesome towel. All of the features that make BohoGene’s collection the top rated beach towels also make them the best pool towels, gym towels, and camping towels. 

Leave the delicate, fluffy cotton bath towels in the linen closet and get a travel-friendly towel that can actually keep up with you.